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Friday, February 18, 2011

JORVIK VIKING CENTRE Festival 19th - 27th Februar 2011

Welcome to the 26th annual JORVIK Viking Festival!

Casper art on DeviantART by the name 'vikingar'

Video clip ENGEY, viking Island

This was a project that was abandoned from Einherjar vikings of Reykjavik after it was rejected from the city council.
It's to bad for the city of Reykjavik and Icelanders because the village that Einherjar vikings would bild it would be a great tourist attraction.

Older designs VIKING SHIPS

Older designs The VIKINGS

My older designs The VIKINGS II


Viking Doug Crawford

Viking Diego Flores Cartes

Viking das Gums 2

Viking woman Caroline Duquette

Viking woman Bekka Lazo


Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog. Especially friends.
I hope you will enjoy watching designs. If not, fuck yourself.
Stay tuned for new and fresh viking pictures. But before I will post some of the older ones.

Vikings Miguel Diaz de Espada and Alvaro Martin Ronco from Spain

Viking das Gums

Viking Morten Ulv

Viking Francesco Cellie Tuturano

Viking Andy Stephens

Viking Gunnar with Einherjar army

Vikings of Einherjar attack

Einherjar viking of Reykjavík

Big fight

Drakkars on a quest